FireFountains: Adding Elements of Drama to Your Decor

By CoolGardenThings

FireFountains will surely top the list when you want to add a sense of drama to nearly any indoor or outdoor decorating scheme. The key to a successful result, as with any other decorating piece, is simply planning ahead. Even when you got the knack, a certain amount of foreseeing and pre-planning is necessary.

When ever we begin to add additional elements to our decorating plans and ideas, it is important that we plan ahead. With the use of gel fuel FireFountains, this is definitely a great, and highly recommended approach. Most decorators will be aware of the versatility of all surrounding elements in the decor plan, but a large amount of the new, or unversed home owners should take a few extra moments to put everything into consideration and always think ahead.

By the time you finish reading, you’ll know what you need to, and be well on your way through the pre-planning stages of these type of new decorating accent.

The point with adding some drama with a FireFountain is exactly that. We don’t, however, want to add any danger. These decorative ceramic structures, not only have a gel fuel open flame, but they also have water burbling over from the top. Without proper planning in advance, we could easily have a little too much drama.

Things to to take into account when adding a FireFountain to your decorating scheme are:

  • Drapes, curtains and table clothes. Especially be aware of loose and flowing synthetic materials.

  • Wood table tops. Be sure to use proper protective mats or surface guards to protect your wood surfaces.

  • Flat, stable structures are mandatory to prevent any accidental wobbling and tilting.

  • Animals and small children should always be considered too. Never start a fire when not in the area to properly supervise it. This is extremely important when animals and small children are around.

  • Adequate slack length in the power line. Use care not to have any taunt, exposed cords in walking paths that could create accidental tripping.

OK, now that we have the basic safety precautions covered, lets look at the fun part!

A well placed FireFountain can add a mysterious and enchanting touch to nearly any room. Simply adding water to the fountain part, and adding the gel fuel to the metal reservoir will do the trick. Then, you just simply plug it in, light the top and enjoy.

Setting a scene, atmosphere or mood can always lead to a fun evening. Incense, candles, aromatherapy, flowers, FireFountains, with their open flame and water elements, decorative pillows, soft chenille throws, music and finger foods are really all that you need to truly have a great time. Whether it’s by yourself, mellowing out to some good music tunes, with a friend or friends, a significant other, or even with a good book. Setting the atmosphere in your home or outdoor living area can make a good space great and dramatically increase the appeal of your typical normal room.

There is no wrong way to do this. If your senses tell you it feels good, and you are able to experience an altered mood, by simply introducing additional elements to your space, your doing it right. The addition of one, well placed, ceramic gel fuel FireFountain could do marvelous wonders for you and for your guests.

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