Bird Watching and Gardening Mixed

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Article By: Richard Chapo

Hummingbird Hawk - Moth
Photo by Kuzeytac ( So, SO busy…)

The weather may be frightful at the moment, but spring is not too far around the bend. If you love to watch birds, why not start your own personal bird garden?

Just as certain plants and flowers attract various creatures, birds are immediately drawn to certain types of flowers as well. In fact, one of the best ways to learn what types of birds are in your area is to plant a bird garden, and watch (notebook at the ready) as feathers of all colors flock to your yard. Starting a bird garden is easy, and there is no better time to start ordering your spring garden seeds than right now.

Daisy w/o Duck
Photo by Reini68
To begin, look to the simplistic daisy. Daisies may not be the first flower you think of when it comes to creating an elaborate garden, but birds love this flower for the seeds that it contains. Daisies are nutrient rich, and birds will immediately be drawn to these flowers once they have stopped blooming. Leave the seeds for the birds to eat, and you will see many different types of birds munching happily away amidst your garden in no time.

Another bird favorite is the zinnia. Zinnias are easy to grow; they are colorful and bright; and birds can’t get enough of them. Not only will your bird friends love these beautiful flowers, but butterflies seem to fall prey to their intoxicating aroma as well. Of course, if you want to attract the ever-popular hummingbird, a flower’s scent will do little to lure this swift bird.

Hummingbird in Pastels
Photo by MrClean1982
Hummingbirds are sort of like the bulls of the bird world, they love the color red and they will charge at anything brightly tinted. Try planting some fuschias, coral bells, bee balms, hibiscuses, and petunias in your garden in order to catch a flash of a humming bird. If you have not had very much luck with any of the aforementioned flowers, try a sunflower.

Sunflowers seem to have a larger than life power that birds cannot ignore. The sunflower stands tall and beckons to birds from miles around with its large, yellow, petals, and deep, dark, center. Chickadees love to stand on top of a sunflower and peck away at the seeds inside of it for hours on end. Sunflowers are a sure bet when it comes to watching birds in your own back yard.

For long summer days full of bird watching delight, plant a bird garden and enjoy your own personal feathery show. Once you have learned about the types of birds that hang around your own garden, you will be able to spot these species from miles away while you are away from your home – almost like having constant companions wherever you go. Bird watching can take you to exotic destinations, but some of the best birds to watch are waiting right outside of your window pane.

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