Tips on Making an Artificial Topiary Tree

By CoolGardenThings

Tips on Making an Artificial Topiary Tree by Ivan Cuxeva

Artificial Topiary trees are small decorative trees that are used to add decoration to your home, and are often placed in corners or archways or halls or rooms to help give the room a finished look. Artificial Topiary trees are commonly used for special occasions simply because they can add a little but of glamour to your room. Artificial Topiary trees are highly common at weddings.

You can be as creative as you want with Artificial topiary trees because they don’t have to be a plant. You can even make candy topiary trees and place them near your bridal party so you can give them away as wedding favors. Not only are candy topiary trees super fun to make but they make awesome gifts. It is a lot less time consuming than wrapping fifty individual gifts.

Artificial Topiary trees are easy to make and are perfect for just about any event. You can use different trees at your children’s birthday parties, dinner parties, baby showers, anniversary parties, or just about any other special event you can think of. To make a Artificial topiary tree you will need a foam ball, some candy, a pot that is about the same size as the foam ball you use, a piece of dowel, colored patty-pans, some plaster-of-Paris for filling the pot, some pebbles for decoration, as well as curling ribbon.

Begin making your Artificial topiary tree by pushing the foam ball on the piece of dowel so that it makes a hole in the ball. Be sure that you push hard enough so that it will stay when the candy and other decorations are applied. When you have made the hole, remove the foam ball because it is easier to work with on the table. Turn the patty-pans inside out so that the colored sides are showing. Next push lollipop sticks through the patty-pans, then into a ball.

If you have gaps fill them in with some wired curling ribbon, then wrap some of the curling ribbon down the piece of dowel. Set the dowel in the pot with the plaster-of-Paris. Slide the ball on top of the dowel and place some pebbles in the top of the pot to cover the plaster-of-Paris.

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