How to get great color in your garden and landscaping.

By CoolGardenThings

Color is definitly a *great* way to make your garden/landscaping stand out. It will also make your outdoors much happier and friendlier place to be!

I find it very helpful to take a picture(s) of the area (digital), then print them out on full size paper (in color;).

Then, take this picture(s) with you to your local nursery or garden center. Start looking around for things that grab your attention. Show your picture to a adviser or attendant and ask for suggestions. They will want to know about the direction of sun and hours of sunlight per area.

It may also be good idea to get a picture that shows the whole picture of your garden/landscape/yard area. This will be helpful with proportions of flower, shrub and tree ideas that you will come up with at the garden center.

THey can also see what other colors you have around the home (and color of the home) and make some helpful suggestions to you.

Usually, the attendant/consultant at good garden centers/nursery will have valuable input as to “how-to” plant the particular items that you pick out, too.

If not, most likely you will be able to find something on line or on one of the “how-to” video networks. There should be something that explains how to plant and successfully grow your new “colorful” garden plants and flowers. Just “Google It” ;)

After you have some great color naturally from the plants and flowers, head over to our site Cool Garden Things.com. Here you find some beautiful accessories and outdoor decor items that will help add some more impact to your design and color ideas.

Best of luck you and your gardening!

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