Building a Fire Pit – Simple Steps for Building a Fire Pit

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Author: Jay Ruppel
One of the best additions you can make to your back yard is a fire pit.  People are naturally attracted to fire, and there is a long history going back to the days of bonfireprehistory of people gathering around a fire to exchange stories and enjoy each other’s company.

This concept is being brought forward to today’s culture with the fire pit.  There are a couple of ways that you can accomplish this.  One is to build your own fire pit.  It can be as simple as a hole in the ground, or it can be as dramatic as a large stonework above the ground, complete with natural gas plumbed into it with an elective starter.

Building a basic fire pit is simple enough.  It needs to be located away from buildings and trees so that the ashes don’t spread the fire.  Make sure you aren’t near utility lines, and dig a hole about 3 feet across and a couple of feet deep.  Pack the sides so they don’t collapse, and its a good idea to line the edges with stones or racks. Stacking them up several inches will add a nice visual touch and keep folks from stumbling into the pit.  Adding rock to the bottom of the pit will help to stabilize it.

Another very popular alternative is a fire pit table.  These tables look very much like a typical patio table, often with matching chairs.  The table has a cavity in the middle where the fire can be built.  You can use wood to build the fire, or there are some models that use propane gas to fuel the fire, making it quite convenient to start and stop a fire.  Often these fire pit tables come with a cover for the pit opening in the middle of the table, so when there is not a working fire in the table it can be used as a normal patio table.

Fire pits add warmth more ways than one to your home!

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