Options For Building Inexpensive Garden Paths

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By Scott M. Free and Nickolie Allen Greer
A Summer Garden Scene from Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire
Photo by UGArdener

Creating a walkway or path for your garden, flowerbed or lawn is a superb way of adding a glorious touch to the outdoor environment. There are innumerable options from where you can make a choice. Quite a few options have been mentioned below; let’s take a look at them:

• Basic Brick Pathway: The first thing that comes into our mind before creating walkways or paths is bricks. Using bricks you can give any desired shape to your path. In simple words, using bricks you can create several paths such as winding, meandering as well as narrow.

What’s more interesting is that bricks are available in various patterns and designs. You may even choose whether you desire to set the path in concrete or sand. Almost all people prefer opting for a concrete base!

• Rock-edged Gravel Path: If you are planning to opt for a rock edged gravel path, then your first step lies in laying down a layer of permeable weed mat. Some even recommend that opting for a black plastic lining would be a good option! But it has been found that laying down a layer of black plastic prevents the free flow of water.

• Concrete Paver Walkway: Concrete pavers are available in various colors and patterns. They are reasonably priced and simple to install. Your first step lies in measuring a path that has a width of three feet (approximately). Ensure keeping the path at a safe distance from trees, bushes and hedges. Ensure installing a wooden edge along the pathway’s length. Ensure creating a smooth sand base within the wooden edge. Now check whether the concrete pavers are well fitted to their place or not.

• Crushed Stone Path: Opting for a stone path (crushed) is yet another ideal option if you are planning to create an inexpensive garden pathway. This is indeed a simple and cost effective procedure that goes well with any sort of landscape. Flexible edging helps in creating a curvy as well as a flowing garden path. Crushed stone path is a long lasting one! However you need to replenish it from time to time!

• Flagstone Paths: Flagstone paths are said to be one of the loveliest ways for grooming your garden. This kind of path matches well with any landscape design. The wide range of rock formations produces a perfect counterbalance for excessive geometric spaces. The only thing required on your part is to estimate the amount of square footage that the path will need.
Gravel path
Photo by Fyda

• Loose Fill Paths: In addition to going in for rock or concrete materials, you may even go in for loose filled paths. Soft materials like mulch, bark, crushed seashells or wood may give a beautiful touch to your garden. Remember the fact that if you’ll have to pay much less, if you purchase in bulk quantities. Ensure opting for proper edging if you are really interested in protecting the pathway from weeds. Use a shovel or rake for smooth out the chosen material.

• Platform Walkway: Platform walkways are an ideal way for eliminating any issues concerning edging, weeds or water. Platform walkways are constructed in the like manner as compared to a deck. Interestingly, these pathways come at a fairly reasonable price. – http://commerciallawncareequipment.com/lawncare-report.html

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  1. Matti says:

    Loose fill is my favorite. I know that hardscape is expensive..sometimes getting a whole truck load of materials might be more than one needs, but you may be able to have a neighbor share the materials and cost. Matti
    Matti´s last blog ..Plant ID Week Five Faves My ComLuv Profile

  2. I use mostly the concrete pavers. I like the way they feel under my feet and the labor (mine) is cheaper. It does get fairly tiresome lugging them around and getting them situated. What is really a pain, though, is when you have to cut them to size or around an object. I have lots of square corners just so I don’t have to fool with the saw!
    Keith McDonald´s last blog ..Mar 11, Portrait of Richard M. Nixon, Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Cover 1960 My ComLuv Profile

  3. Joseph says:

    (good thing i’m good at math, lol!)

    i opted for a pea gravel path, edged with quartz stones, but it terminates at a flagstone area before leading to my back porch. i read that gravel paths can track into your house when they lead directly to your back door. to keep tracking down, i chose against the decomposed granite, and skipped the smallest pea gravel in favor of the next largest size. seems to work well so far!
    Joseph´s last blog ..The Garden in our Mind My ComLuv Profile

  4. I’ve heard that cut pea gravel is good as it will tamp down…

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