Spring Garden Do And Don’t List

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Happy Spring Everyone! Here in Michigan the daffodils and forsythia are blooming and the peonies are pushing out of the grown like gangbusters! So as far as I’m concerned it’s time to get off the couch and get to work in the garden. With that in mind I have made a small list that I am calling:
Spring Garden Do and Don’t List
Forsythia has Sprung!
Photo by seeks2dream

  • Do clean out some of the leaves and brush that littered your beds over the winter
  • Don’t mangle your plants while you do this and don’t over do the clean-up as leaf debris will enrich the soil
  • Do trim your spirea, rose of sharon(you can really hack it back now),butterfly bush, hydrangea arborescence(white hydrangeas), hydrangea paniculata(tree form hydrangeas)
  • Don’t trim your pink or blue hydrangea macrophyllas! They bloom on terminal bud from last year
  • Don’t trim you viburnum, lilac, forsythia(wait till May), or fruit trees
  • Do put grass seed down,fertilize, apply grub killer(if you have grubs)and weed preventers when the forsythia bloom
  • Don’t apply corn gluten around young perennials-it will inhibit their root growth
  • Do add compost, dehydrated cow manure and fertilizer to your perennials
  • Don’t compress the soil in the beds as you tromp around
  • Do cage your peonies
  • Don’t trim rhodos and azaleas
  • Do put down acidifying soil amendment on evergreens
  • Do any extreme yew pruning now
  • Don’t cut back your spring blooming clematis
  • Do cut back your fall blooming clematis by 1/3
  • Do get out your gazing globes, firepots and garden decor and dust it off and set it up in your garden to elicit ooo’s and ahhh’s from all your friends and neighbors!

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