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Please review our Press Release: Cool Garden Ends Life In The Sandbox For Cool Garden Decor.

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Finding a Gel Fuel source can be overwhelming! I’ve realized that many people have been looking where to find Gel Fuel. Shy of putting up a big sign on our site…we post the Gel Fuel for the FirePots on each FirePot category page and also, we put it in its own category here:

I forget most people won’t think to put “Gel Fuel” in the search box on our store website ( when they are looking for it. Hopefully this will make it easier to find. Also, there are several items that it should show up with as “recommended” or “people who bought this also bought” areas.

So, with that said, I hope that you are able to find the Gel Fuel for your FirePots more easily. Now all you need to do is figure out if you want the Regular Gel Fuel for your FirePots and FireFountains or, if you want the Citronella Gel Fuel for outside use.


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FireFountains will surely top the list when you want to add a sense of drama to nearly any indoor or outdoor decorating scheme. The key to a successful result, as with any other decorating piece, is simply planning ahead. Even when you got the knack, a certain amount of foreseeing and pre-planning is necessary.

When ever we begin to add additional elements to our decorating plans and ideas, it is important that we plan ahead. With the use of gel fuel FireFountains, this is definitely a great, and highly recommended approach. Most decorators will be aware of the versatility of all surrounding elements in the decor plan, but a large amount of the new, or unversed home owners should take a few extra moments to put everything into consideration and always think ahead.

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