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In this article we will discuss the feng shui fire element. But first, let us overview the basics. According to Chinese philosophy, nature consists of five elements: fire, wood, earth, water and metal.

These are rarely found in their pure form in our homes. The main goal of Chinese teachings is to create an interior where every element is present, where it is balanced with the other elements, and where all of them emit good energy, bringing happiness to the lucky homeowner. You can achieve all of this, if you recognize the value of the five elements and understand how they interact with each other.
Cool Garden Things - Ceramic Gel Fuel FirePots - Red, Pandora Trio FirePot
So, let’s talk about the fire element. This element is extremely bright, unruly, and powerful. It warms us and provokes us to act. It symbolizes vitality and intelligence. It raises the level of activity in a person. However, its overabundance can lead to irritability and temper.

Its colors are red, orange, pastel pink, purple and peach. The direction is south. The symbol is a phoenix. The corresponding body organ is the heart. Is has more of the Yan energy than Yin. It fits well with wood, and does not fit well with water. Read More→

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Decorating with FirePots can be exciting and romantic, as well as charming. Before we begin our decorating plans with FirePots, however, we will need to take several things into consideration. We will also want to determine a nice budget for our FirePot decorating.

Most of the ceramic FirePots that are available are a very nice size for indoor and outdoor decorating needs. There are also several different shapes and, obviously, many different colors to choose from within these different shapes and sizes.

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