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Strawberries are a wonderful and sometimes easy fruit to grow. Strawberry plants should be kept out of the shade and grown in hot sunny areas with good drainage. Grow strawberries with tips Read More→

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Seaside gardenInterpret Your Garden As a Painting – 3 Artist’s Tools For Developing Contrast and Imagination
By Dorothy Fagan

Contrast is the most important element in designing a painting or a garden. Without contrast ~ everything appears flat and lifeless. Here are three things you can do to see contrast and use it in your garden.

Activate Your Imagination

1. Identify areas of light and shade in your garden. Close your eyes and imagine your Self flying through your garden as if you are a bird. Feel the cool shadiness of the dark areas. Feel the bright sunshine of the light areas. Where will you perch? In the shade? Or in the sun? Where will you eat? In the shade? or in the sun? Where will you sing? Write down your answers and any thoughts which pop to mind along the way.

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Tranquil Place
By Chantel Danis

When you look out into your backyard or bare garden, are you instantly taken to a more tranquil place – where the stress and worries of the workday disappear before your eyes? If not, then you need to create a personal retreat where you can unwind, relax and enjoy nature. Creating an oasis can be very rewarding and simple to put together. With just a few key ingredients, you can be reap the benefits in no time at all.

The first thing to consider is the area in which to house your new retreat. Ideally, your location should be quiet and peaceful with the least amount of distraction. If your yard is all open space, the a small fence and an arbor could be well served. Once you have explored your options, it’s time to add your personal touches. Here are some ideas of how to improve the look and feel of your garden retreat. Read More→

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The History of Water Gardens

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This article written by James Morgan

Disney - Giraffe Waterfall
Take any major historical civilization, any major human development such as the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, or even the present-day concerns for the environment and conservation, and examine their effect on the art of garden design at the time – and what do you see as the major focal point in the center of the resulting gardens? Water.

The city states that sprang up over 5,000 years ago in the Near East around the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers, and also, of course, around the Nile in Egypt, probably gave rise to the art and practice of horticulture as we know it, for growing food and for social amenity value. Water was naturally important in these baking hot areas for the irrigation of crops, but here the ruling classes, which were synonymous with the high priests of the current religions, had the luxury of water channeled directly into the confines of their own palace grounds for the purposes of stocking fish and plants in pools, or the watering of trees. Read More→

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