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By: Nikki Phipps
Photo by junhee_yeo
Want to add additional charm and tranquility to your garden? Incorporate a water feature. No matter what size or type of garden you have, there are a number of water features that will fit into any design or space, as well as any budget.  A garden pond can add special qualities to nearly any landscape.

Vinyl or fiberglass pond liners are widely available at garden centers or through water garden suppliers. These come in a variety of sizes which offer flexible options to easily suit your particular needs. They can also be placed either above or below ground so if your space cannot accommodate a large water pond, such as with balconies, containers make excellent alternatives.

Nearly any type of watertight container can be easily transformed into a miniature garden pond. If it’s not watertight, PVC liners are available at most garden centers which will help to waterproof your container. Half-wooden barrels and galvanized washtubs are the most commonly used. Read More→

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I think Yolanda’s videos have good and accurate garden information that get’s right to the point. Here she explains pruning hydrangeas, which as you probably know can be a little confusing…

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Prune hydrangeas after they have finished blooming in the fall by trimming the branches back one-third each year. Avoid pruning hydrangeas back past the little tips with the buds by considering ins…

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Even though I usually only recommend perennials I have to make an exception with this spectacular flower! Talk about attracting hummingbirds! This plant is wonderful and airy and prolific, even if it is not a perennial in the northern states. Just spend a few bucks and get this one in your garden…you won’t regret it!
Here is Yolanda telling it like it is! Enjoy…
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Scarlet sage, or salvia splendens, is an herb that is a member of the mint family. Discover why the scarlet sage plant cannot handle freezes with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video on flower gardening and plant care.

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