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We are having a contest that is for “Best FirePot Decorating Idea”!

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This video will go through some basic contest information as well as show how simple and easy you can do some great decorating with the Gel Fuel Ceramic Bird Brain FirePots. The particular FirePot that we are using in this demonstration is the Pele Marine Ceramic FirePot.

You do not have to use this same FirePot in your contest entry, however, this is the firepot that you could win. We will also have 4 runners-up, so a total of 5 winners for the contest! Read More→

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Decorating with FirePots can be exciting and romantic, as well as charming. Before we begin our decorating plans with FirePots, however, we will need to take several things into consideration. We will also want to determine a nice budget for our FirePot decorating.

Most of the ceramic FirePots that are available are a very nice size for indoor and outdoor decorating needs. There are also several different shapes and, obviously, many different colors to choose from within these different shapes and sizes.

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First, it is very important to know that FirePots are made of ceramic, with an artisan glaze and are intended to be used both indoors and outdoors. One of the main concerns that you will want to be aware of while using your FirePots indoors is to make sure you have the regular gel fuel when using them indoors.

Because the citronella gel fuel in the FirePots is not appropriate for indoors, this is why we suggest having the regular gel fuel for indoor usages, as being the most important thing to know about FirePots.

Secondly, ceramic FirePots are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, regardless of your current indoor or outdoor decor motif. When browsing the wide selection of ceramic FirePots, you will notice that the artisan glazes will blend, mix and compliment many different varieties of home decor motifs. Especially outdoor decor motifs. But, we will review more on that in a moment.

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FireFountains will surely top the list when you want to add a sense of drama to nearly any indoor or outdoor decorating scheme. The key to a successful result, as with any other decorating piece, is simply planning ahead. Even when you got the knack, a certain amount of foreseeing and pre-planning is necessary.

When ever we begin to add additional elements to our decorating plans and ideas, it is important that we plan ahead. With the use of gel fuel FireFountains, this is definitely a great, and highly recommended approach. Most decorators will be aware of the versatility of all surrounding elements in the decor plan, but a large amount of the new, or unversed home owners should take a few extra moments to put everything into consideration and always think ahead.

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