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Color is definitly a *great* way to make your garden/landscaping stand out. It will also make your outdoors much happier and friendlier place to be!

I find it very helpful to take a picture(s) of the area (digital), then print them out on full size paper (in color;).

Then, take this picture(s) with you to your local nursery or garden center. Start looking around for things that grab your attention. Show your picture to a adviser or attendant and ask for suggestions. They will want to know about the direction of sun and hours of sunlight per area.

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One of the problems that a new northern landscape may encounter is a lack of plant material to fill the landscape with. A new garden can be a little sparse sometimes as you wait for the young plants to mature-which can take about three years when you live in a northern climate. So instead of looking at mulch for the next three years, get pro-active and plant some ground cover! And a lot of it. Use ground cover to help fill in between plants, fountains and garden decor, or around stepping stones.
Before you start planting just anything you need to choose your ground cover based on the light, water, and traffic conditions in your garden. Here are just a few of the many ground cover ideas a gardener in a northern climate garden might want tHelluhno├░ri
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o consider.

If you have a sunny garden you might want to consider planting some sedum. It comes in many different foliage and flower colors ranging from yellow and white and bright green to pink and burgundy. Sedum is great for a garden that does not receive a lot of water as it is drought tolerant and actually thrives in poor soil conditions. It is often used on a lot of those new fangled green roof tops to give you an idea of what kind of environment it likes. Hot, hot and hot! It is not a great ground cover choice if there is going to be a lot of foot traffic, though. Read More→

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