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Passion Vine Trellis

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All kinds of great advice about different kinds of vines and what they can do for you and where you want to grow them. You can’t beat a vine that attracts butterflies, so sit back and enjoy!

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How to use a passion vine to provide food for birds and other wildlife and shade for your porch

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Native Plants for balance

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I am a big fan of native plant gardening…which helps to develope and restore the natural ecosystem of where you live…so remember to include a few native plants into your landscape! Here is an awesome video that explains why native plant gardening is important and a good thing to do.

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Using native plants to restore balance to the ecosystem in your backyard and attract wildlife

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By Scott M. Free and Nickolie Allen Greer
A Summer Garden Scene from Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire
Photo by UGArdener

Creating a walkway or path for your garden, flowerbed or lawn is a superb way of adding a glorious touch to the outdoor environment. There are innumerable options from where you can make a choice. Quite a few options have been mentioned below; let’s take a look at them:

• Basic Brick Pathway: The first thing that comes into our mind before creating walkways or paths is bricks. Using bricks you can give any desired shape to your path. In simple words, using bricks you can create several paths such as winding, meandering as well as narrow.

What’s more interesting is that bricks are available in various patterns and designs. You may even choose whether you desire to set the path in concrete or sand. Almost all people prefer opting for a concrete base!

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