Relief For Mosquito Bites

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this sucked (bug bites)We got this in a recent email and thought it would be a great “re”post…

Q: Working in my garden in the evening, I end up covered in bug bites. What can I do to relieve the inflammation?

Dr. Wright: One of the most effective treatments for mosquito bites (or other bug bites) is a paste made of any of the digestive enzymes — pancreatin, bromelain, or papain.

These enzymes come in tablet, capsule, or powder form and are available in any natural food store. The powder form is ready to be mixed, but tablets can be crushed and capsules emptied. Then, combine the resulting powder with as little water as necessary to make a paste. The paste should be applied directly to the bite and reapplied as needed until swelling has reduced.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that while the enzyme paste is useful against the local swelling and inflammation from bug bites, it won’t treat an infection or allergic reaction brought on by them.Momentos antes de morir aplastado

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  1. GartenGrl says:

    Ewwweee! But seriously, my daughter just got eaten alive last week and I happen to have some left over enzyme cream from my tennis elbow…I put some on…and it worked!

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